Learning by Example

There are lots of great tutorials out there, but I've found one of the easiest ways to learn to do new things is to look at code other people have written. You really can learn a lot that way. If you do this you should probably reference the original work, you can do this easily by commenting your code.

It can also be instructive to look at a working program or game and see if you can create your own version of it in Processing.

  • Falldown - This idea is not original to me, but I wanted to see if I could code it. It works and can easily be adapted for a touch screen device.
  • Dotsy - I stole this idea from one of my students. His version was created for iOS.
  • KoDev Games - There are a few games here to learn from.
  • OpenProcessing - Here's a collection of games from OpenProcessing. There's a lot of good examples to be had from this site.
  • Star Destroya - Another cool game. A couple of my students modified a game they found on the web. 
Physics Simulations: Remember, in Processing top left corner is (0,0) and down is positive.
  • Bouncy Ball - This is the code the projectile simulations grew out of. I still need to comment the code, but I used pretty standard physics variables so you might be able to figure it out anyway.
  • Half projectile - There are two of these, one lets you vary only the launch velocity and the other allows you to vary launch height as well.
  • Full projectile - These ones let you vary launch velocity and launch angle