Processing for Android

The first thing I should mention is that I figured very little of this out for myself. Everything I've learned I learned from smart people on the web. I link to them where appropriate. You should plan on checking out the Android - Processing Wiki regularly. Any updates will show up there long before they end up here.
  1. Installation Notes - Installing the Android SDK and trouble shooting problems
  2. Running a Sketch in the Emulator
  3. Running a Sketch on an Android Device
  4. Your First Game - MACUL 2012 Workshop
  5. General Introduction to Processing - Covers a bunch of the basics
  6. Exporting your Apps - Still a work in progress. Hopefully the next version of Processing will make this easy.
Other People's Stuff:
  1. Processing Tutorials by Joseph Boston - Video tutorials for Processing including Android stuff
  2. AK Eric Blog - He has some great Android Processing tutorials including implementing Multi-Touch (as an aside, metabog added to AKEric's multi-touch code).
  3. Adding Sound - This is a discussion over on the Processing Forums. Good stuff here. The standard Processing Library Minim will not work on Android.
  4. Android Processing Widgets - The Audio forum discussion led me to this. It's a library that will allow you to do some pretty cool stuff pretty easily. Including playing audio or video files as well as create a number of different button types.
  5. Sensor Library - Here's a library for collecting sensor and/or camera data. I've not tried it yet.