MACUL 2012

Simple Game Development for Android

This is the page created for a workshop at the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning meeting on March 9th, 2012. My assumption is that you know no computer programming. If you do, feel free to skip around and/or check out the Intro to Processing Page and play while I help those who do not have programming experience.

What We're Going To Do

  1. General Introduction 
    1. Who am I?
    2. What is Processing?
  2. Learning to Draw
    1. Coordinate System and Shapes
    2. Color
  3. Launching Sketches in the Android Emulator or on an Android Device
  4. Our First Game:
    1. Draw and object and make it move
    2. Simple User Interaction
    3. Keeping Score and Ending the Game
    4. The Full Code
    5. Background Image - Use PImage to add a background image
Other Game Resources:
  1. Ari Feldman's book on Game Graphics - It's a little dated, but still good and heck, retro is in right now
  2. SpriteLib - Free collection of sprites you can use in your own games