Simple Game Code

int xPos;                      //Position of the ball
int speed=1;                   //How fast is it moving?
int xDir=1;                    //what direction is the ball going?
int score=0;                   //Inital score
int lives=5;                   //Number of lives you start with
boolean lost=false;            //Have you lost yet?

void setup()                   //Runs once when program launches
  size (400,400);
  xPos=width/2;                //Centers our ball
  fill(0,255,0);               //Makes the ball and text green
  textSize(13);                //Sets the size of our text

void draw()                                      //Loops over and over again
  background (0);                                //Black background
  ellipse(xPos, height/2,40,40);                 //Draw the ball
  xPos=xPos+(speed*xDir);                        //update the ball's position 
  if (xPos > width-20 || xPos<20)                //Did the ball hit the side?
    xDir=-xDir;                                  //If it did reverse the direction
  text("score = "+score,10,10);                  //Print the score on the screen
  text("lives = "+lives,width-80,10);            //Print remaining lives
  if (lives<=0)                                  //Check to see if you lost
    text("Click to Restart", 125,100);
    noLoop();                                    //Stop looping at the end of the draw function

void mousePressed()                              //Runs whenever the mouse is pressed
  if (dist(mouseXmouseY, xPos, 200)<=20)      //Did we hit the target?
    score=score+speed;                           //Increase the speed
    speed=speed+1;                               //Increase the Score
  else                                           //We missed
    if (speed<1)                                 //If speed is greater than 1 decrease the speed
    lives=lives-1;                               //Take away one life
  if (lost==true)                                //If we lost the game, reset now and start over 
    speed=1;                                     //Reset all variables to initial conditions
    loop();                                     //Begin looping draw function again